Under the Bodhitree is a place for us to explore, learn, create and share while enjoying the process along with people we love and respect. We don’t have any other vision or sense of purpose. We will meander through different media, invite like minded people to collaborate and unashamedly showcase our own creations.

Meet Our Team

Chaitanya Krishnan

Interaction warrior and space bender,
shaping the minds of future space benders.

Mitcch Duddani

I am a limited edition with unlimited


Prashant Sankaran

Connects the dots to create new patterns,
new possibilities

Sanjana Unni

Overworked artist and Norse mythology fan
who dabbles in games and manga while
pursuing game arts as a career.


Kochi Biennale.

A collection of pictures and thoughts.
(Image is placeholder, a Video will be added)

Nisreen Moochhala

The renowned artist Nisreen Moochhala in a conversation with Prashant Sanakaran.
Video coming soon.


Sculptjanuary 2023

Chaitanya Krishnan

It was that time of year again, where I did a daily exercise in sculpting to work on my skills.
I find this kind of deep dive helps focus my mind, something I need every so often. Other times it becomes a chore, and I abandon the exercise. However this round ended in success.
Click here to see the whole set of sculpts in detail.
(some are viewable in VR and AR keep an eye out for the corresponding buttons)

Each of us is usually
upto something


Will share soon